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Five Centimeters Per Second

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2013

9.00 (very good) Sigh!... Yes,that's right.Its that kind of story(anime or not) which leaves You heart broken & with a "sigh!.." impression.Even best friends & lovers can be parted by distance & time,this is the reality of this world.Though the slow pace of the story can test your patience,try watching it completely without touching the forward button.I don't remember watching anything so realistic & heart touching ever.Even after watching it so many times & um still willing to watch it again.Realistic story,great voice acting,nice music (a nice song included),heart touching ending,..what else do you need in 1 hour.Its a must watch & a classic which will be remembered after many generations.At last,a piece of Advice,"Don't dare watching this right after a break-up,you will probably think about committing suicide!"

Angel Beats!

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2012

8.50 (very good) No doubt that its a great anime.It started with a unique concept about afterlife,developed in comedy & action,then ended in romance & tragedy (well,at least it seemed that way at first).It consists of several small yet heart touching stories of different characters.If the stories could have been elaborated,it would get way more interesting (in term of heart breaking).Even so I recommend every 1 to watch this,its still one of my favorite.

Soul Eater

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2012

8.25 (good) "Soul Eater" the whole series was quite enjoyable due to good action,nice humor,some great characters (Black Star,Kid,Dr. Styne...),exceptional artwork,nice voice acting & a good plot.but the fun was spoiled simply by the sudden idiotic finishing...still its a must watch....and 1 more thing,try figuring out if 'Crona' is a boy or a girl...


Seen: partially

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2011

8.00 (good) It has to be the best anime ever,or so i thought.It had a great potential which dropped to zero because of fillers.Masashi Kishimato (The Writer) is unnecessarily elaborating the manga.The latest manga is over 500 and i think he'll drag it up to 1000! Another stupid thing is that a particular seen could shown for even 10 to 15 times (think I'm bluffing,watch for yourself).Well enough with the bad sides,it has some great sides too which kept me watching this.Every important character has their own story which are pretty good.Then there are some great tactical battles,hearth breaking deaths.One of the main character Sasuke is still my favorite anime character.I'll suggest this anime for starters,and for the professionals "If u can endure the fillers & the flashbacks,you will find it very enjoyable".

Shingetsutan Tsukihime

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2011

7.50 (good) ?"Shingetsutan Tsukihime", in spite of a slowly developed story it wasn't bad at all.then again it wasn't so good either.the concept of "seeing the lines of death" was quite awesome & the revolving relationship between Shiki & Arcuid was nice too.the ending is very similar 2 Fate/Stay Night (comparatively Fate/Stay Night is better),may b bcoz they r both 4m the same production,Type-Moon.overall,not a complete waste of time & was worth watching.

Deadman Wonderland

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2011

7.25 (above average) I certainly love characters with sick personality,twisted games 4 survival (SAW is still 1 of my favorite movies),dark atmosphere,blood spilling action (actually,they fight with blood,so spilling it is quite normal),devious,i had high expectations 4 this 1.But the main problem was with the way of telling this story....u can guess all the twists & turns,which doesn't make u feel like a genius rather its could have been so much better & it still has da potential to b a had 'elements of surprise' & yet failed 2 create suspense.....character development was a big let down too,specially Ganta (the main hero)...whenever I'm looking at him,i thought what's an wimp like him doing there??.......still,I would recommend 2 watch it & hope the 2nd season gets better.........


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2012

6.00 (average) It started with a nice plot showing a relatively near future where social relationships are changing rapidly due to human-persocom (a human shaped Robot/ Android) relations.Here people r getting attached 2 'persocom',which is hampering their social life.Well,I can't actually blame them,because I'm hooked up with my PC 24x7..:P...This anime is based on such a relation between Hideki & his persocom Chi.Its a nice romantic comedy wid a little ecchi touch which eventually turns into a drama.One of the main flaws of dis series is that the story is unreasonably extended & way too simple.But overall it was enjoyable as 1 of my anime experience....:)

Ah! Megami-sama

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2012

6.00 (average) It was cute.....i would definitely love 2 fell in love with a Goddess & music was surely a strong point.....But,its a little childish,as far as that there wasn't even a single kiss,yet full of romance....The main character is a lucky-idiot who's too idiot to realize how lucky he is.....overall,it was an average series...

Onegai Twins

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2011

3.00 (poor) After seeing the 1st episode I took an interest in this anime to see if they can develop it in a good twist.But,alas! it was through out lame & waste of time.may be the worst was the incest part where brother & sister kisses(!)...."Onegai Sensei" was far better.

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